April Edition 2015

Is there really an Art of Presentation?
April 2015 - The Art of Presentation
  • Is there really an Art of Presentation?

    Is there really an “art” or secret for doing an effective Presentation? Always remember to KIS- Keep it Simple AND remember that you only have your prospects attention for a very short time. Your presentation should present the facts without fairy tale spin, and should be constructed so that it gives solutions to the prospects challenges.

  • Treat People Like Cows

    My dad died during the Great Depression when I was five. Six of us children were too young to work outside the home, but all of us did our part around the house. Our economic survival was built around five milk cows and a large garden. We sold the surplus milk and butter as well [...]

  • It’s Not About the Sandwich

    I’ve always heard that Elvis Presley loved a sandwich he’d gotten in Colorado. Peanut butter, jelly and bacon on French bread. And I’d always wanted to try it and thought you could only get it in Aspen…pretty far from my house. But recently I found out that it’s actually near Denver. So I just had [...]

  • Who is Really in Charge?

    Finally, the elections are over. Some of you are certainly very happy and some are probably unhappy with the outcome and that is to be expected. Every four years we Americans participate in this grand experiment called America and we elect a President to lead us. That of course spurs lots of different opinions and [...]

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