May Edition 2016

May 2016 - Powerful Pospecting
  • How to Set Up a Prospect Qualifier Checklist

    As the year progresses onward, many people will be joining the Mlm industry for the very first time. These new members may not realize the value of a qualifier checklist for their business. If you have been in the business long enough, you know that not all prospects are qualified for the business. You may have your own [...]

  • Powerful prospecting advice, take an expert to lunch and get cheap advice

    Recently I had lunch with Chris Gullo. I like taking Chris to lunch as he shares his best business-building ideas. This time Chris told me how to get a distributor to BELIEVE that he or she can move $20,000 in product a month. To give a new distributor the vision of moving $20,000 of product [...]

  • Prospecting By Paul Morris

    Prospecting By Paul Morris Prospecting is not a sometime thing, it is not a Tuesday night thing or a weekend thing or when you are at the mall thing… It is an ALL THE TIME THING. Prospecting is phase two of your business once you have run through all of your warm market consisting of [...]

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