April Edition 2015

Is there really an Art of Presentation?
April 2015 - The Art of Presentation
  • The Art of Presentation

    As far back as I can remember, I heard that speaking to a group was the most common fear of adults. Later, as a student of The Dale Carnegie School, I witnessed this phenomenon, over and over, as student after student was asked to present to the class. Regardless of the subject matter and their [...]

  • The Art of the Presentation

    A good presenter, whether it is one on one or to a group knows the listener is always thinking “What is it going to do for me.”

  • Who is Really in Charge?

    Finally, the elections are over. Some of you are certainly very happy and some are probably unhappy with the outcome and that is to be expected. Every four years we Americans participate in this grand experiment called America and we elect a President to lead us. That of course spurs lots of different opinions and [...]

  • The Zen of Prospecting

    When it comes to prospecting for network marketing leaders, there are two Zen rules I suggest you must always keep in front of yourself. In fact, these rules are outlined on a sign I keep right by my phone for every prospecting call. For me, they sum up successful prospecting perfectly.

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