September Edition 2015

Value Based Prospecting
September 2015 - Prospecting
  • Memory is Important

    When someone wonders if I remember such-and-such an event or so-and-so, if the answer is “no” one of my favorite responses is to smile and acknowledge that no, I don’t.  Then I explain that I have a brilliant memory – it’s just awfully short.

  • Value Based Prospecting

    The first step in value based prospecting is to establish rapport. Once you’ve established rapport, you present a transition question that puts the opportunity in front of the prospect. That’s when objections arise that can be handled by a process called “listening through objections.”

  • Is it a Business Or a Job?

    For those working for someone else, it’s easy to fall into the misconception that once you have your own business, you can call the shots. No more long hours tied to a job.

  • Challenges to Pursue

    Review your performance. Whether it’s communication, whether it’s activity, whether it’s a CEO, whether it’s on the job. Here’s what my father said, “Always do more than you are paid for to make an investment in your future.” Now some unions would argue with that. My father was so unique. Review your performance–your language with [...]

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