October Edition 2015

From the Bottom of My Heart
October 2015 - How Has The Industry Changed?
  • Good Morning, It’s Today…Again!

    *** In celebration of the TENTH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE of The Network Marketing Magazine, here’s an excerpt from one of MY very first columns after meeting George Madiou for the very first time at a big event in Atlanta–Happy to continue adding a bit of my ideas and inspiration to your GREAT WORK over the past 10 years. All [...]

  • From the Bottom of My Heart

    Way back in the summer of 2005 I caught wind of the seed of an idea growing in the minds of a couple of very savvy Network Marketers who shared an amazing passion for the industry itself. This novel (at the time) idea was to create a virtual magazine designed to inspire and support the [...]

  • How Has The Industry Changed?

    Technology Enabled Worldwide Markets to Combine Technology always brings changes in societies, the examples include finding fire and creating bronze to steel weapons for war. Fire also helps create dishware and a means to create steam engines to skyscrapers. As technology, expanded, new materials to cool devices were invented to make life easier and faster. This goes for [...]

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