May Edition 2016

May 2016 - Powerful Pospecting
  • Powerful Prospecting

    There are almost always multiple ways to skin a cat, but I believe it is always easier to go back to the well – back to the people that have already demonstrated their affection, respect and trust for you – than to pursue strangers. If you doubt that, ask yourself, is it easier to get [...]

  • How to Set Up a Prospect Qualifier Checklist

    As the year progresses onward, many people will be joining the Mlm industry for the very first time. These new members may not realize the value of a qualifier checklist for their business. If you have been in the business long enough, you know that not all prospects are qualified for the business. You may have your own [...]

  • 3 Ways That You Fit Into The Powerful Prospecting Program by George Madiou

    The theme for May 2016 is Powerful Prospecting. We all understand the importance of prospecting. The #1 theme for the past 10 years in all of the issues of The Network Marketing Magazine has revolved around this subject. Are you looking for customers or business building partners for your business? Either way powerful prospecting advice [...]


    Imagine how you would want to be Invited. Imagine who the person inviting you was “being.” Who would you want them to be? Do you want to continue the hype, manipulation and deception of the last 70 years in our profession? Or do you want to be the Change? Bliss Business has created the leading edge [...]

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